Baillie-Grohman Winemaker, Dan Barker

Dan Barker

Celebrated New Zealand winemaker Dan Barker is a partner and winemaker at Moana Park Winery in New Zealand. His efforts in New Zealand have earned Moana Park much worldwide acclaim, including a coveted Gold medal from Decanter World Wine awards in London. Seeking further international experience, Dan started with Baillie-Grohman in 2009 for its first vintage. For the first several years he was the hands on winemaker and was instrumental in the success of the winery. Now Dan continues to supply expertise providing consultation on the direction of Baillie-Grohman's wine portfolio. Moana Park's New Zealand made wines are available in stores in Alberta and a few stores in Saskatchewan and we hope to soon to have them available in B.C.


Wes Johnson took over the role of hands on winemaker in December 2014. Wes had returned from earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Oenology from EIT in Hawks Bay New Zealand. Wes has had a hand in various jobs in the vineyard since 2007 and in the winery since 2009, so taking over the winemaking was very natural to him. He had also done several vintages with Moana Park in New Zealand while training under Dan.


In the scenic Creston Valley location, our winemaking team concentrate on carrying on our global award-winning success at Baillie-Grohman. With a small-lot focus that respects the land, we focus on creating premium wines that reflect the surrounding terroir. Our team understands that the Creston area is an emerging wine growing region for North America, and is proud to be part of the adventure that is putting Baillie-Grohman, Creston, the Kootenay's and B.C. wine on the map. The Kootenay's has been recommended by the B.C. wine industry to become a wine appellation and is in front of the B.C. government for approval at this time.