Bob Johnson
Petra Flaa

In 2006 we were drawn by a parcel of land for sale just outside of Creston. Our great love of wine and food made it impossible not to seize the opportunity to start our own winery in this unique microclimate. Simple…serendipity… Fast forward to 2010 and we released our first vintage (2009) – Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Blanc de Noirs Rosé and Chardonnay. Today we continue to learn the land and vines we farm and steward and how to transform that into a bottle. We are very young in the wine world, but our wines tell us we on the right track. Not so simple now, but still the love of wine.

‘William Baillie-Grohman had a vision that the Creston Valley could be converted into rich farmland. His efforts to do so align with our belief generations later, that this unique region has the capacity to produce premium grapes. As the winery and vineyards continue to evolve, this vision once again is becoming reality. We hope you enjoy our wines and that they inspire you to do something you are passionate about too…’

Along with our neighbors at Skimmerhorn Winery and Creston Valley Vineyard, we are committed to transforming this area into a place that is known for superb grapes and handcrafted top quality wines. We see exciting distinctions in our valley and on our Erickson Bench that yield wines with a unique Kootenay fingerprint. It is exciting to be on the edge of this emerging wine-growing region and even more exciting to put our expertise and passion into creating something that we hope will make a lasting impression.