Baillie-Grohman’s wine-making goals are to create balanced wines that express purity of our estate fruit. The grapes are picked by hand, commencing their gentle journey from vineyard to bottle. In both the vineyard and winery the grapes are hand sorted to ensure only the best grapes make it to the winemaking process.

Depending on the grape varietal they are handled differently – and each variety and wine style has its own special needs. This could be super gentle handling of the bunches by conveyor directly to the press. Or alternatively beating them up a little bit by putting the grapes through the bunch destemmer and grape crusher. Then to the press before cold soaking the juice and fermenting in the stainless steel tanks. Some juice will go directly into barrel for fermentation. The Pinot Noir is treated with great care. To extract the perfect tannins the cap is managed with plunging done by hand.  After fermentation the Pinot Noir is freerun and then carried in the Italian Albrigi tanks to the press and barrel. All is done in small batches, and treated with the utmost attention.

For Baillie-Grohman’s barrel program, a temperature and humidity controlled barrel room houses a mix of 20-50% new oak depending on vintage and seasoned older oak. Barrels sourced from only the best French forests –  Allier and Vosges –  are composed of fine-grain oak made for Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Terraces stay in barrel for a minimum of 10 1/2 months, and the reserve Pinot remains in oak for at least one year prior to bottling.